2011 Rangers Scenario Game

In 2009, the Rangers held our very own scenario game at the Warren Wood site where we were based at the time. The game was called Terminator Wars and it ended up being shortlisted as one of the games of the year for that season. In true Rangers style, it was a good old fashioned dust up.


For 2011, we are enormously excited to announce the return of a Rangers scenario game. However, this time around, we'll not be on our own.


The Rangers game for the 2011 season will be a joint effort between the Shoreline Rangers and Al Murray of the Scottish Adventure Centre in a re-run of the 2010 runner up award for Game of the Year - D-Day!


The 2010 D-Day game was hosted by Al Murray at his own site in near Glasgow, but this year he wanted to move the game more south and approached the Rangers to see if we would like to jointly host the game with him at Holmbush. We jumped at the chance.


The D-Day game narrowly missed out on Game of the Year in 2010, it was an absolutely epic scenario game. This year will be no different. The game will move to the outstanding Holmbush Paintball Centre near Gatwick and will have a unique 'Rangers flavour'.


We'll also be enlisting the services of our main team sponsor, Shoreline Events Ltd, to provide logistical and admin support ensuring a slick ticketing and registration process.


The 2011 Rangers game will be a joint effort between the Shoreline Rangers, Al Murray and Shoreline Events Ltd held at one of the UK's best paintball venues - what's not to like?

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The Basics:
















The Event

The Rangers D-Day game will be a 2 day event. You are welcome to arrive and register on Saturday. Throughout Saturday we'll have a series of 'Rangers Style Mini Games' - not your average mini games!!!! We'll also have some other bits and pieces going on but it'll be very nice and laid back. Players can arrive from 1100 hours onwards and we'll kick the mini games off at lunch time.


If running around with a paintball gun sounds too much like hard work for you on Saturday, then just kick back with a beer and shoot the breeze with some fellow ballers in the summer sunshine.


Registration will mirror that of events run by our sponsor Shoreline. All players will be emailed a disclaimer as part of their ticket when they book into the event online. Players will need to bring that signed disclaimer with them to register for the event. We'll then give you a coloured ribbon as your team ID which is to be tied to the back strap of your goggles. That's it! Nice and easy.


Catering will be available onsite and provided by Holmbushes on-site catering facility and will offer a range of hot and cold meals from a good 'ol burger to something a bit healthier for the less lardy amongst us.


We'll have onsite traders and tech support guys throughout the weekend. So if you need to purchase any kit, paint or other equipment or of your marker needs repairing, these guys will get you back into the field in quick time. We'll publish a full trader list within the next week or so.


On Saturday night we'll be having a bit of a Players Party. Nothing too flashy, but there will be beers, there will be music and there will be Rangers in attendance! You've been warned!!! It'll be a nice relaxed affair with some decent music around a campfire and plenty of chance to have a chat with other ballers from all over the UK.


The chrono limit for the event will be 280 fps. All players will need to provide a witnessed chrono reading before taking to the field. We'll apply coloured tape to your arms when you pass through the chrono. This not only indicates to our staff that you have chrono'd, but is also adds to your team ID providing three items of team ID on each person (ribbon on goggles and tape on both arms).


All firing modes are permitted except full auto and 3 round burst. Ramping and Response Triggers are fine, but please be aware that we will take a zero tollerance approach to overshooting.


Anyone seen wiping or cheating in any capacity will be asked to leave the event.


Sunday Schedule

07:00 – Registration Opens

09:30 – Registration Closes

09:30 – Safety Briefing

10:00 – Game 1 Begins

12:00 – Game 1 Ends

12:45 – Game 2 Starts

14:45 – Game 2 Ends

15:15 – Endgame Starts

15:45 – Endgame Ends

16:15 – Final Presentation and prizes

16:30 – Pub!



Includes entry for 2 days, free camping, free party and unlimited HPA


Camping on-site on Saturday night is free of charge, although you will be expected to leave the camping area in a clean condition.


Alternatively, the Travelodge Horsham Central is conveniently nearby. Their contact details are 0871  984 6447. The hotel postcode is RG12 1SQ


There are also a range of hotels in the area which cater for all budgets.

Prior to the event, we will release a full Player Pack which will detail absolutely everything that you'll need to know to play the 2011 Rangers Game: D-Day.


We'll also be releasing details on the Generals and details game information.


To the right is a video taken at last years D-Day game. We though you may



We look forward to giving you a very warm Ranger welcome in May.


The Shoreline Rangers

rangers Player Pack